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Prajna~ intuitive wisdom, perfect knowledge, deep understanding.

Welcome to Prajna Energy Therapy.  Congratulations on taking the first step towards better well-being. My name is Jen Nolan, and I am a Certified practitioner of Esoteric Healing. I have been a student of energy for many years and Esoteric Healing since 2016. My philosophy is simple. Everything is energy. EVERYTHING. It is boundless and all encompassing. And as energetic beings we are constantly feeling the effects of this. From the food we eat, the number of hours we sleep, and most of all the common everyday STRESS. Stress in my opinion is one of the top factors effecting our health today. Every cell in our body feels who and what we come in contact with daily. With this comes imbalance. And in some cases those imbalances can manifest in our physical body as symptoms or even dis-ease.

Energy Therapy is truly the medicine of the future. A vital and perfect companion to mainstream treatments. By balancing your bodies energy centers (chakras) you can help return your body to its ideal blueprint. That of radiant health.  As an Esoteric Healing practitioner I connect you to your bodies inner wisdom.

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Esoteric Healing is a very detailed type of energy modality. Not only for humans but animals as well. By clearing blocks in your energy field, allowing proper energy flow,  your body is directed back to optimum health. The benefits of this type of Energy Therapy are extensive but to name a few..

– Stress reduction

– Better sleep

– Clarity of thought and Vitality

– Fewer headaches

– Less inflammation

Better health awaits. Book a session today.


1 hour  – $85

Contact me directly for questions you may have.



Jen Nolan, CPEH