Untitled Independence

So here we are, Independence day 2020. On the finishing edge of eclipse season, half way through the most pivotal year we have seen since who knows when. Most of us can agree that we stand on shaky ground. The divide among humanity seems so deep and wide that it would take a miracle to overcome it. We all feel this on different levels. Fear, anger, confusion, not to mention anxiety coarse through the ether. However, there are others that feel this experience from a different perspective. These are the Lightworkers, Empaths, Intuits. Some born knowing, others awaken at pivot points in our collective evolution. They(we) are here to act at guides as the inner knowing that we possess grows in each and every individual daily. You see, as our world rapidly travels through her own evolution, she carries us along with her. Her path is accelerating and will continue to do so until she reaches the end of this age. We are ALL feeling this acceleration. The road is anything but smooth, but this experience is sacred. Every new level requires new senses, new energies. At times it seems as though we are standing in a dimly lit room, cool and warm air touching our skin. Our old senses no longer seem trustworthy. We cant believe what we see, so we close our eyes. Our ears are assaulted with others opinions, so we no longer listen. Logic fails to comprehend what we are learning, so we now must rest our minds. Look for the helpers. Now is the time to drop into our hearts. To welcome the new senses coming in. Reach for a new depth of compassion. Feel. Breathe. Push your awareness out from the edges of your body and sense. Radiate Love. No one is left behind. We are One.

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