Honor the valleys

Artist Sara Shakeel

For your consideration…..

Take a moment and really feel into this artwork. As I gaze into it I’m drawn to the beauty and potential in the glow of the valley. Such a direct opposition of the dark, empty sensation of the mountain peaks. I came across this image today on Instagram and was instantly taken by how perfectly it represented a message that I received a few days ago during a meditation. The message was to HONOR THE VALLEY. This message was about a shift in perspective. A window to view our world from a higher state. As it was explained to me, our perspective has been grossly altered from its true form. We’ve been looking through a reversed lens. Like we’ve been turned upside down without realizing it. And through this inversion we have set up our opinions surrounding life, purpose, and value. Think for a minute about the main stream view as to what and where “value” lies. For as long as our current history explains, our admiration is to be placed on the peaks. That has been where the most material wealth and power have, from our current perspective, been placed. Of course there is nothing wrong about that idea, I was just offered a new view…

The message was clear. The valley is where “the work” is the highest honor. Those that we’ve been encouraged to ignore or to look down upon are here doing the most sacred work. Pulling the most weight for the collective. Their raw and often exhausting experience adds the most valuable insight for the Akash. For that is what we are here for, experience. Every possible outcome, feeling, expression holds value. And for as long as most can remember we have been taught to push through those lower times. Hurry up and get back to the peak. However, where do you get the energy to get to that peak? In the valley. That is where most fertile soil is.

As we enter into the next calendar year pause and consider this. For we all have many valleys ahead of us. Many unknowns. Look upon these spaces as fuel, energy, and information. Pause with gratitude. You are doing sacred work.

Nestled in the depth of the valley is where the seeds of tomorrow lie.

Jen Nolan

1 thought on “Honor the valleys”

  1. Obtaining the energy from the valley is necessary to climb the mountain. I have never thought of it like that, and as an avid hiker I have expended a lot of energy climbing.

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