Separation of the Lightworkers

Let me preface this by stating that this is a story. A story told to me by Spirit. Take what you love, feel free to leave anything you choose.

As I began my morning meditation, I was called to imagine a connection with a fellow lightworker. A dear friend that I don’t often get the chance to connect with in person, and have talked with her about coming in for a healing session. This connection only lasted a brief moment before I was taken on a journey. Our journey. The journey of the separation of the lightworkers.

I was in an instant a young First Nations child, running about playing as children do. Laughing and playing with friends that I knew intuitively were my friends in my current lifetime. These children were from several different tribes. Cree, Apache, Cheyanne, and another tribe that was described to me as outlanders. They were a tribe comprised of outcasts that banded together and remained unnamed. However, I was shown that this beautiful mixture of souls was exactly as it should always be. Just as Spirit had envisioned. It was then explained to me the energetic roles played in all tribes. The men brought in the physical aspect or matter, and the woman Spirit, often clairvoyant. Creating a beautiful harmonious balance within the tribes. Well, our peticular group of children were incredibly powerful. So powerful that it worried the Elders in the tribes. For they felt that the world was not ready for our abilities, our gifts. So it was agreed to separate us, to keep us far away from each other physically. Of course what did we do then, but meet in the astral world. The Elders knew this but said nothing. They knew that our time would come. When both the physical and spiritual world would need our gifts. That where at one point they would no longer look into the darkness to see small flickers of light. The day would come to see a blazing fire, and that we once again united in the physical. Becoming our own blended tribe, the Rainbow warriors. Brought here to heal, and to bring new knowledge to the world. No longer will humanity be allowed to be divided. The energy that the rainbow warriors bring is meant to heal the divide. This was shown to me as a bone split down the middle. Our job is to heal that separation, knitting together that long ago break. Becoming stronger as a result.

We are the Rainbow warriors, the wayshowers, the wanderers, the travelers, the lightworkers. The time has come to reunite. To heal, and to blend our beautiful rainbow energy back to the white light of wholeness.

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